Sadie & Matt

When I think of Sadie & Matt, I do nothing but smile. They are an absolute JOY to be around. Little miss Sadie Jane and I go way back to the elementary school days of co-babysitting for her brother and sister and riding bikes around the neighborhood. She is a happy-go-lucky gal with enough positive energy to spread around the Twin Cities. She has a thirst for life, love for adventure, and passion for teaching young minds at a Charter School in Minneapolis.

Think of the most kind-hearted, down to Earth, easy-going souls you know. Now times that by 100. That’s Matt. I’ve only met him a few times, but each time I’ve interacted with him, he brings such a calming presence. He’s a handy man, outdoors lover, sports guy, and is the perfect sidekick for Sadie. After being around these two for a mere five minutes, you can tell they have hearts that beat for others and a genuine bond that just works…simple as that.  

This engagement session felt very special having knowing Sadie for so long. It was my first time exploring the Westwood Hills Nature Center in St. Louis Park and I’m happy to say it won’t be my last time there! I was able to catch a glimpse of that golden light with these two before Minnesota went a little crazy with its so called “Spring weather” (aka snow flurries in April..what?!).

Enjoy a snippet of the magic between Sadie & Matt. Cannot wait for these two to tie the knot this upcoming Fall.


all the love 

Joe & Jess - One month until "I DO!!"

This engagement session was one that was particularly special for me to shoot. The reason? I got to chase around and capture the love between my very own brother, Joe and his soon to be wife, Jessica (cue ooo’s and ahhh’s). The weather in Minnesota has been a bit wacky as of late so this is also a great time to reflect back to PERFECT fall day I had with them in Taylors Falls.

These two will say “Yes” to forever in a MONTH! It’s safe to say that I have been waiting for this day for quite some time now. They have formed such an amazing bond over the last decade and it has been so neat to watch it all unfold. Hands down, Joe and Jess are two of my favorite people on this entire planet and I am so honored to stand by their side when they commit their lives to one another.

The big question that has been brought up several times…“Are you going to photograph the wedding?” I will say this: a magician never shows up to a party without their wand. The main photo master of this wonderful soiree will actually be the very talented Jessica Holleque. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside her for parts of the day in capturing my sibling and his bride on the best day of their entire lives (I’d be silly not to!). That being said, I also look forward to looking dapper as all can be and supporting the bride and groom all day as a brother, groomsman, and all around party motivator.

Joe & Jess, your love could move mountains. Thank you for constantly showing me what genuine connection looks like (and always letting me third wheel with you guys!) Lord knows that will still be a thing after you guys are married. Let the final countdown begin!

Sam & Travis - Phoenix Engagement

I had the sincere pleasure of meeting both Sam and Travis through Marching Band at UW- Eau Claire. What’s even cooler is I had the opportunity of knowing them separately before they became a couple. Sam and I also both worked as campus tour guides and sparked a friendship through that organization. She is spunky, full of life, and is one smart geologist. Travis is goofball and is one of the most caring humans out there (not to mention he has a sweet man-bun). Put a girl who loves rocks with a guy who lives for climbing them and you have a match made in heaven.

Sam & Travis have taken major strides in their 6 years of dating. From the time that I’ve known them, they have been fun loving, down to earth, and have always made things work. When Sam received a geology job in Phoenix, Travis was 100% on board with following his number one adventure lady to start a new chapter together.

I was ecstatic when Sam contacted me in regards to an engagement session down in Phoenix with the two of them and their sweet rescue pup, Walter. The fact that I got to third wheel for two days and do nothing but hike with a camera around my neck was an absolute dream. S + T took me to one of their favorite places, the Superstition Mountains for a few hours of exploring. Needless to say, I loved every minute (Let’s be honest, Walter was the trail leader and photo-bombed at just the right times!) We were able to explore downtown Phoenix later that day for some photo ops around the Arts District. The next morning we were up with the sun to do some more hiking, this time on Camelback Mountain (a mountain I had been wanting to hike since last year when my brother proposed to his girlfriend at the very tip top!). Top that off with one of the best brunches ever at The Morning Squeeze (two words: Mimosa Flight) and I was a happy man.

I can’t thank these two enough for both their amazing friendships and for the chance to come hang out during the bitter cold of a Minnesota January to get some much needed Vitamin D and a little dirt on the ol’ camera lens. Excited for another visit in the future and even more excited for their big day this upcoming fall!

much love

Megan & Luke - Love in the Garden

Megan & Luke hold a very special place in my heart. After working with Megan at summer camp four years ago, I knew this little lady was creative, had a big heart, and deserved one heck of a man in her life. Then came Luke. As swimmers at St. Olaf College, this couple's collegiate crush on one another soon blossomed into a love that tugs at the heartstrings; tender and calm, yet fun and full of life. After photographing their engagement session last summer in a community garden in St. Paul, it only made sense that they tie the knot in a garden as well!

Camrose Hill Flower Farm was the perfect summer setting for a Minnesota August wedding. Tucked away in Stillwater, this venue exudes beauty with green gardens, wooden barns, and the cutest little bridal cottage you ever did see (which also served as the cooling off location for the bridal party & a cuddle spot for Megan and Luke on the 98° day!)

Megan & Luke, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day. Thank you for bearing the heat, frolicking in the forest, and providing me and your guests with one of the best BBQ dinners ever. Your day was absolutely perfect (just like the two of you). May your love truly shine and blossom for the years to come. 

much love.


Venue - Camrose Hill Flower Farm // Dress - The Wedding Shoppe // Flowers - Cindie Sinclair of Camrose Hill Flower Farm // Cake - made with love by the bride herself